Wednesday, August 7, 2013

7th Day of the Month

1. On the 7th day of the month focus upon maximally distant elements of your consciousness. In daily life we are involved with such elements when we look at a distant cloud or distant objects such as trees and their leaves.
For the manifestation of any particular object or the realization of any desired event, it is necessary to process a large amount of information. Maximally distant elements of our consciousness produce the fastest processing of information. The more distant the element you choose, the faster the processing you will achieve.
The knowledge of these factors is used as follows: you look with your normal eyesight at a cloud or see the cloud with your inner vision and, at the same time, you construct the desired event
or result on this cloud (or alternatively on a leaf if you are looking at a distant leaf on a tree). Through using maximally distant elements of your consciousness, you can quickly achieve the desired result
and the occurrence of the event will happen in a harmonious manner, because the cloud cannot be an agent of destruction any more than the leaves can be.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. You see that the world is made in your image and develops through your cooperation with the will of the Creator. Everyone accepts that the world has been created. And when you want to change the world through your actions, your deeds will lead to a general blessing. Your actions become powerful, your health improves and a general blessing comes into your life. This general blessing is the deed of the world that leads you into the realm of the divine and to that state where you acquire a universal and individual life forever and always.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6th Day of the Month

1. On this day center your focus on the following: Change your awareness by changing the intensity of your concentration while focusing upon the perception of distant objects.
This concentration technique is helpful when you would like the desired event to occur in a particular location. You just need to concentrate your awareness precisely in these surroundings. You can use this technique just as successfully to accomplish the reverse when you do not want a particular event or situation to occur, when it seems to you to be unfavorable. In this case you must dissolve the negative information. Dissolve means in this context to “defocus” your awareness in this location, to remove your concentration from there and move it somewhere else. The release that results from doing this leads to the non-realization of the unfavorable event or situation.
As l have said, the realization of a desired event at a chosen location can be accomplished by concentrating upon distant elements within one`s consciousness. In practicing this technique, you use elements from your consciousness that are responsible for the perception of distant objects. You can see actual physical objects such as you perceive with your normal eyesight or you can look at distant objects with your inner sight. In both cases, you use distant elements taken from your consciousness. And when you also connect the event that you wish to realize to a particular location, then it will occur in exactly that location.
The essential point in this technique is the following: the more distant you choose the regions of your consciousness for the visualization of your goal, the better it will be processed and the more complete the realization of the event will be. And the event will occur at the right location.
You can use the defocusing technique to deal with destructive forces. When you defocus your awareness, you can dilute negative information to the point that it can no longer be perceived, as if it
were not there at all.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. When you look at the world me if it were somehow “amiss," you must always remember that regardless of how amiss it seems, how scattered or compressed, it is still the world of unity, of harmony and of grace. You must understand that God's blessing is inherent in all of the “deformed,” ambiguous or uncharacterized conditions of the world. You can always have access to this harmony knowing that you have always been eternal, are eternal and always will be eternal. No shallow judgment can change the will of God.

Monday, August 5, 2013

5th Day of the Month

1. On this day focus on those elements of reality that come forth as a result of your working together with other elements of reality. I will explain what this means:
When you direct your attention to any particular object, you concentrate your consciousness on this element of reality. Through this connection with you, the object gains access to a certain
degree of your concentration and a certain amount of your knowledge. A part of the information that was received from you and something of your condition, your energy, is then passed on by this object to other elements of reality. This is the same as when the light of the sun shines upon various objects and is partially reflected thereby illuminating other objects.
So when you have focused on some object, this object will have
already given something of itself to its surroundings after its interaction with you. Your task lies in contemplating this and finding out what it is that each element of reality is passing on to its surroundings. You can of course stay with just one object. Focus on the object
while simultaneously imagining your desired goal, This is the method.
What’s special about this method is that the concentration upon the secondary element you are visualizing leads to the realization of the desired goal.
So with the help of logical thinking, with clairvoyance or any other mental technique, you discover just what the element you have chosen passes onto external reality alter its interaction with you. By contemplating upon this secondary element of reality while simultaneously visualizing the desired goal, you accomplish its realization.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. When you look at the sky, you know that the earth exists. When you look at the earth, you can imagine that the sky exists above it. When you are under the earth, you can imagine that the sky
exists above the earth. These simple truths are the source of the world eternal. Connect the sky with the earth and you will see that everything that is under the earth can also be above it. Rise to your spirit and find the risen ones where they are to be found.
If you bring infinity to the truth of the world, you will see that the world is infinite. When you know this. you will find the true Creator - the one who has given you what you have and you will create as he has created. He is very close to you. He is your friend; he loves you. You only need to extend your arms inwards him and create as he does. You are his creation and you are the Creator himself. Only a Creator can create Creators. Be in harmony with the Creator. Be open to him and in so doing you will be ongoing in all of your own manifestations and creations. You can always correct whatever you wish to change.

Everything you want to create, you can create there where you are - and at the time that you desire. You have eternity to accomplish perfection. The Creator will give you multiple eternities for your deeds. You are the one that the he has seen in you, whom he has created in you. But you are also the one that wants that the Creator be embodied forever in his creations, in which you see yourself. The Creator that is present in you is the same Creator that works through you in each of your actions. Turn to him and harmony will come to you.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th Day of the Month

1. On this day concentrate on crystals or stones. You can even take just a grain of sand for this focus. Let‘s say you have selected a particular stone. Now imagine a sphere around it as you are focusing on it. This is the information sphere. Mentally see how all of the events that you need appear within this sphere. You simply place the events you need into this sphere. In this manner you are imparting a direction to your events by concentrating on them.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. Create the world in such a way that always and without interruption it is as if every movement of this world only concerns you as a unique person. When you reach the unity with this world that
these concrete methods for guidance of events provide, your world will exist everywhere and you will enter into it. You will take it in your hands and your hands will become the world that contains your world. And you will see that you will leave the realm of time, you will touch the world of worlds and it will be one and the same for everyone. You will have chosen the common source, as did everyone else. Create this world so that it is an ideal world for you and for everyone else. This ideal does not need to be isolated. Hold the ideal of all people - and yourself- in your unified world in the same way as it exists in the unity of the universe.

Notice the perspective that these methods give you, They need to be harmonious. One exercise must follow out of the other just as the second step follows the first. When you are walking down a street, you see that every following step arises out of the previous one. You can stand up from a sitting position and see that there are manifold possibilities for every movement. They develop out of a previous movement and can themselves become the next previous movement.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

3rd Day of the Month

1. On the 3rd day focus upon a plant of your choice. The plant can be physical - just as it exists in the outer world. In this case, during the concentration period you can just look at the plant. Or you can imagine the plant mentally and then focus upon the form of the visualized plant.
 This concentration exercise employs the method of mirroring. Its importance lies in the fact that while you are concentrating on the chosen plant, you imagine how your desired result is forming in the light that is reflected back from the plant. Better said, you see it actually in front of you; you actually construct it in front of yourself.
An event that has been constructed with the help of this exercise becomes harmonious. The fact that the plant already exists harmoniously in the world is also helpful for this process.
 2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
 3. Look at the reality around you and you will see that there are many worlds. Choose the world that you need. Step into this world and expand it. Look at this world with the eyes of the observer.
 Come close to it, put your hands on it, and feel the warmth that it gives off. Bring this world close to yourself and look at its Creator. Listen to what he tells you and what advice he has for you. You can

compare his knowledge to your knowledge and so gain entry no that realm beyond time and space.

Friday, August 2, 2013

2nd Day of The Month

On this day the focus is on the little finger of the right hand. As in the previous exercise, at the same time you are concentrating on the little finger of the right hand, keep in your consciousness the event that you would like to bring about. During this exercise you do not have to remain absolutely still. You can use the little finger of the right hand to grasp or touch something. Do what you feel is right.
Pay attention to the following: on the whole you have of course many receptive elements.
Besides the little finger mentioned here there are nine more fingers and many other parts of the body. But from this multitude of receptive elements, you are being asked in this moment to concentrate on
only one - namely on the little finger of the right hand. The regulation of events is harmonized in this manner.
This exercise can also be done numerous times a day in intervals that are personally comfortable. You can begin the new focus after 20 seconds or after an hour or more. You can undertake the focus twice a day often times a day or more. You also determine the length of each focus yourself. Have confidence in your intuition and trust your inner voice. Learn to listen to your inner voice and to hear what it says to you. This applies to all of the exercises.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. Concentrate and see the harmony in the world in relation to itself and to yourself. Create your world after the model that the Creator has left for you. Look at the world and you will see the image of what was. Look at the world and you will see the image of what will be. Look at the world and you will see the image of what is now and what you now are in this world.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1st day of the month

1. You concentrate of right foot. That is basic point connected you with outer world. You are basing in thoughts on Earth. In your consciousness, Earth is basis. Your basic point of foot is simultaneously the point of maintenance and point of creation. You can develop your consciousness based on point as point of creation. You recognize the principle of development the plants and your physical body. According to that principle, you are able to create any outer reality. That understanding is basis of concentration.
Nevertheless, you not need to think about that deep mechanism. You can only concentrate on your right foot, and imagine event, which meets your goal of concentration. Mechanism of concentration will work automatically, and you will get the event in harmonic way, because that concentration provides harmonic development.You can execute that concentration many times in the day.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
 Seven digits for concentration are following
Nine digits for concentration are following
3. You concentrate on world, on all objects of world. You feel any object of world is part of your. Perceiving that, you will feel slight wind from every object, which gives you the solution. When you will get that every object has your consciousness particle, you will watch Creator’s harmony.