Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th Day of the Month

1. On this day concentrate on crystals or stones. You can even take just a grain of sand for this focus. Let‘s say you have selected a particular stone. Now imagine a sphere around it as you are focusing on it. This is the information sphere. Mentally see how all of the events that you need appear within this sphere. You simply place the events you need into this sphere. In this manner you are imparting a direction to your events by concentrating on them.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. Create the world in such a way that always and without interruption it is as if every movement of this world only concerns you as a unique person. When you reach the unity with this world that
these concrete methods for guidance of events provide, your world will exist everywhere and you will enter into it. You will take it in your hands and your hands will become the world that contains your world. And you will see that you will leave the realm of time, you will touch the world of worlds and it will be one and the same for everyone. You will have chosen the common source, as did everyone else. Create this world so that it is an ideal world for you and for everyone else. This ideal does not need to be isolated. Hold the ideal of all people - and yourself- in your unified world in the same way as it exists in the unity of the universe.

Notice the perspective that these methods give you, They need to be harmonious. One exercise must follow out of the other just as the second step follows the first. When you are walking down a street, you see that every following step arises out of the previous one. You can stand up from a sitting position and see that there are manifold possibilities for every movement. They develop out of a previous movement and can themselves become the next previous movement.

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