Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6th Day of the Month

1. On this day center your focus on the following: Change your awareness by changing the intensity of your concentration while focusing upon the perception of distant objects.
This concentration technique is helpful when you would like the desired event to occur in a particular location. You just need to concentrate your awareness precisely in these surroundings. You can use this technique just as successfully to accomplish the reverse when you do not want a particular event or situation to occur, when it seems to you to be unfavorable. In this case you must dissolve the negative information. Dissolve means in this context to “defocus” your awareness in this location, to remove your concentration from there and move it somewhere else. The release that results from doing this leads to the non-realization of the unfavorable event or situation.
As l have said, the realization of a desired event at a chosen location can be accomplished by concentrating upon distant elements within one`s consciousness. In practicing this technique, you use elements from your consciousness that are responsible for the perception of distant objects. You can see actual physical objects such as you perceive with your normal eyesight or you can look at distant objects with your inner sight. In both cases, you use distant elements taken from your consciousness. And when you also connect the event that you wish to realize to a particular location, then it will occur in exactly that location.
The essential point in this technique is the following: the more distant you choose the regions of your consciousness for the visualization of your goal, the better it will be processed and the more complete the realization of the event will be. And the event will occur at the right location.
You can use the defocusing technique to deal with destructive forces. When you defocus your awareness, you can dilute negative information to the point that it can no longer be perceived, as if it
were not there at all.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. When you look at the world me if it were somehow “amiss," you must always remember that regardless of how amiss it seems, how scattered or compressed, it is still the world of unity, of harmony and of grace. You must understand that God's blessing is inherent in all of the “deformed,” ambiguous or uncharacterized conditions of the world. You can always have access to this harmony knowing that you have always been eternal, are eternal and always will be eternal. No shallow judgment can change the will of God.

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