Monday, August 5, 2013

5th Day of the Month

1. On this day focus on those elements of reality that come forth as a result of your working together with other elements of reality. I will explain what this means:
When you direct your attention to any particular object, you concentrate your consciousness on this element of reality. Through this connection with you, the object gains access to a certain
degree of your concentration and a certain amount of your knowledge. A part of the information that was received from you and something of your condition, your energy, is then passed on by this object to other elements of reality. This is the same as when the light of the sun shines upon various objects and is partially reflected thereby illuminating other objects.
So when you have focused on some object, this object will have
already given something of itself to its surroundings after its interaction with you. Your task lies in contemplating this and finding out what it is that each element of reality is passing on to its surroundings. You can of course stay with just one object. Focus on the object
while simultaneously imagining your desired goal, This is the method.
What’s special about this method is that the concentration upon the secondary element you are visualizing leads to the realization of the desired goal.
So with the help of logical thinking, with clairvoyance or any other mental technique, you discover just what the element you have chosen passes onto external reality alter its interaction with you. By contemplating upon this secondary element of reality while simultaneously visualizing the desired goal, you accomplish its realization.
2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
3. When you look at the sky, you know that the earth exists. When you look at the earth, you can imagine that the sky exists above it. When you are under the earth, you can imagine that the sky
exists above the earth. These simple truths are the source of the world eternal. Connect the sky with the earth and you will see that everything that is under the earth can also be above it. Rise to your spirit and find the risen ones where they are to be found.
If you bring infinity to the truth of the world, you will see that the world is infinite. When you know this. you will find the true Creator - the one who has given you what you have and you will create as he has created. He is very close to you. He is your friend; he loves you. You only need to extend your arms inwards him and create as he does. You are his creation and you are the Creator himself. Only a Creator can create Creators. Be in harmony with the Creator. Be open to him and in so doing you will be ongoing in all of your own manifestations and creations. You can always correct whatever you wish to change.

Everything you want to create, you can create there where you are - and at the time that you desire. You have eternity to accomplish perfection. The Creator will give you multiple eternities for your deeds. You are the one that the he has seen in you, whom he has created in you. But you are also the one that wants that the Creator be embodied forever in his creations, in which you see yourself. The Creator that is present in you is the same Creator that works through you in each of your actions. Turn to him and harmony will come to you.  

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