Saturday, August 3, 2013

3rd Day of the Month

1. On the 3rd day focus upon a plant of your choice. The plant can be physical - just as it exists in the outer world. In this case, during the concentration period you can just look at the plant. Or you can imagine the plant mentally and then focus upon the form of the visualized plant.
 This concentration exercise employs the method of mirroring. Its importance lies in the fact that while you are concentrating on the chosen plant, you imagine how your desired result is forming in the light that is reflected back from the plant. Better said, you see it actually in front of you; you actually construct it in front of yourself.
An event that has been constructed with the help of this exercise becomes harmonious. The fact that the plant already exists harmoniously in the world is also helpful for this process.
 2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:
Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:
 3. Look at the reality around you and you will see that there are many worlds. Choose the world that you need. Step into this world and expand it. Look at this world with the eyes of the observer.
 Come close to it, put your hands on it, and feel the warmth that it gives off. Bring this world close to yourself and look at its Creator. Listen to what he tells you and what advice he has for you. You can

compare his knowledge to your knowledge and so gain entry no that realm beyond time and space.

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